Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Update Finally!

Well I have to say this blog has been a BIG FAIL. Not publishing anything since January of 2010. Really Margaret? That is pathetic. I am so impressed by my friends and colleagues who can keep this up, but alas, that is not me.

Anyways if you're that interested in what is going on in my life call me. Or just check facebook.

BUT, I figured since I am on the cusp of my NEXT BIG MOVE it was time for an update...

I am moving to Spain! Yes! I will be attending ESADE, a business school in Barcelona to get my MBA. It's something I have always planned on doing, and now the time feels right.
Why Spain you ask? There are several reasons:

First, the obvious:

Weather, food, atmosphere, fun. Spain is one of the coolest countries on earth, so why wouldn't I want to live there?? And getting a job there at this time is virtually impossible. The economy is not so good at the moment.

Second, schools in Europe tend to be shorter programs than those in the US which are all typically 24 months. The program I will be doing can be from 12-18. I will most likely do 15 months, which means 12 of school and one 3 month internship.

Third, ESADE is ranked 4th for MBA schools outside the US depending on the publicatoin you read. Overall in the FT its about 19th worldwide.

Fourth, I went there. I had a great time, met the current students, and really felt good about the school and the experience.

Fifth, I got in. Applications for business schools suck. The whole process is long and hard, but necessary. It did help me think about what I really want to do, or at least have a speil about what it is I think I want to do.

Next on my list of things to do is figure out the logistical nightmare of relocating myself to Espana. Visas, moving, apartments, furniture, roomates, everything. And it all hurts to think about.

So, that is it for now. And maybe for another long while. Don't hold your breath waiting for another update.

I leave you with some pictures of Barcelona, my future home :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


One of the most popular activities to do in the Winter in Holland is to go ice skating. When the weather gets cold enough for the canals to freeze all the people put on their skates and jump on the ice! I had the chance a few weeks ago to get a taste of the excitement. Sadly, I had no skates, but still managed a triple toe loop or two...

One of the most exciting events for the Dutch is the 'Elfstedentocht', the great Dutch Ice Skating Marathon! It is a 124 mile race along the canals and lakes through eleven (elf=eleven in Dutch) villages in the North of Holland called Friesland. It is an extremely exciting event mainly because it has only taken place 15 times this century. It has to be super cold for that many miles of canals to freeze thick enough to support the 16,000 participants- the last race was in 1997! My connection to this world renowned race- my colleague Margriet's uncle, Henk Angenent, won the race that year. Since the weather is so unpredictable, they never know when it's going to happen- the organizers have to be ready at a moments notice. All the Dutch have their fingers crossed this will be the year! I was actually impressed (yet still slightly confused) after reading about - see for yourself....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter in Amsterdam!

It is snowing here too! They say it hasn't snowed like this in years and years. So many of my friends around me say "Ooh, it's so beautiful!". I look around and think about trudging through it and it makes me cringe. But I have to admit, it is pretty! My French colleague Ben, took some excellent pictures... take a look at his blog to see Amsterdam in the winter!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winterwonderland and some other stuff

The title of this post was going to be "Autumn in Amsterdam" because I started writing it in October, but now it is December. The weather really stinks in Amsterdam in the autumn. It was pretty nice through September, but cold, and then it warmed up a little, then it was cold again and rained for a very long time.
If it's not raining there is a good chance it is overcast. The sun was a rare sight :(
Someone told me that even though it rains a lot, it is only 3% of the time that you are actually likely to get caught outside in the rain. It could be true, but I happen to be in the lucky 3% more often than not. I have given up riding my bike to work and am back to the crowded metro. It sucks, but is soo much better than biking through the wind and cold.
Now though, it is officially becoming winter... it has snowed! Right now I am in Massachsuetts for the holidays, and we got almost 2 feet of snow! At the same time though, Amsterdam got a few inches too!

This is what it looks like on Cape Cod:

Since my last blog, I have done quite a bit! There was a trip to the states for my niece's first birthday and my friend's engagement party, I took Dutch lessons, two friend's from Falmouth came to visit and we went to the Patriot's game in London, there was a German party at work to celebrate Octoberfest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, I went to the South of Holland to some Christmas markets, I went to Nuremberg with Verena and Lauren, and I went to Paris to see my sister and shop.
A quick summary in pictures...
Mia turned 1!
September on Cape Cod. Not fair.
Mic's Engagement!
Hanuted House in London with Colleen Rach and Renee!
At the Heineken Experience
Rachel the Superhero and her sidekick Colleen ;)

Halloween. Don't judge me.
Lil Wayne Concert- woot woot!Turkey Day!I had to get a mini turkey to fit in my mini oven.
Trip to Nuremberg, where my roomie Verena is from. This is us and her friends at the Christmas markets.

That's it. Maybe 2010 will bring on more blogging. Maybe not. Happy New Year.